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Are you wondering if learning English is time well spent? You already communicate in one language that serves you well, right? Sure. If you just don't want to travel, study abroad, work in an international environment, meet other cultures and new people. However, if this sounds good to you, you will need English skills.

Language learning is time consuming …

Are you sure? We decided to find a way to learn the language quickly and effectively … It was not easy, but it worked! Introducing the Alpha LingMind English product – learning a language has never been so easy!

About the product

Product Name : Alpha LingMind English

Alpha LingMind is based on a new teaching method: English Binaural System. It is a method that was built based on binaural beats technology.
Binaural beats are sounds that depending on their frequency can bring the brain into specific states – relaxation, concentration, and finally a state that allows you to remember information faster.
Binaural beats owe their effectiveness to the fact that each person's ear registers separate sound waves (of different frequency) separately. Then, thanks to the hearing organ, they are transformed into a unified sound to finally reach the human brain. It is the frequency that determines the listener's status

What is Alpha LingMind English?

Alpha LingMind is a set that consists of a comprehensive book with written exercises and three CDs that contain a comprehensive set of conversations in English that allow you to get used to the language, not only in hearing, but also in speech. Alpha LingMind is a package of 36 lessons that can help us reach the intermediate level even if we start learning from scratch. The course contains up to 1,300 sentences, which is a very solid knowledge base. We have the opportunity to learn over 20,000 words.

Importantly, the course focuses on phrases relevant to everyday life – you won't lose valuable time learning words and phrases that you will never use in your life!

What makes the product stand out?

The answer is simple: efficiency and speed of language acquisition. The editors of our blog checked many offers of similar products, but only Alpha LingMind was effective. Unfortunately, but the market is full of expensive courses and "pseudo" guides that simply do not work and finding a course that will actually help us is not as easy as it used to be. The effectiveness of Alpha LingMind is confirmed by the conducted research – prof. George R. Smith described their results in one sentence: Language knowledge will "flow" into your brain.

How does the express method of automatic language coding work in the brain?

This two-track action makes Alpha Lingmind achieve such spectacular effects. Just enable the recording to achieve:

1. Total "immersion in language" – based on a natural method (which is exactly what children know when learning a native language), which consists in the affirmation of ready expressions and phrases. When you use this method, your mind relaxes and opens to language knowledge, which is then automatically encoded deep in the subconscious of your brain.

2. Activation of 800% of the capacity and 15-fold acceleration of remembering with the help of binaural betas – sounds with special frequencies (technology closely guarded by our Laboratory). These sounds program the brain for ultra-fast remembering and block future forgetting.

  Learning comfort

No more tedious cramming of the next lines of text from the book. Thanks to the innovative Alpha LingMind, it looks like you are sitting or lying comfortably where you want and listening to relaxing recordings. New phrases and language structures simply automatically flow into your brain – quickly, naturally and without any effort on your part. And you speak and think in English like a real Englishman.

Alpha LingMind English user reviews

"My son went to England for work, where he met his future wife. They have two children that I often visit. Of course, the little ones speak English better than Polish. I wanted to understand them better, that's why I started looking for a good way of learning a language. Alpha LingMind multimedia course? This is exactly what I was looking for! With his help I mastered the basics so much that I can talk freely. I learn more words from my grandchildren. I would recommend! "

Halina 65 years old, Grudziadz

"Language courses are becoming increasingly popular. I also wanted to try my hand, but when I saw the prices, it hit me on my knees. No matter what I try, I won't find any savings. What can I do? You can always learn a language on your own, but you don't need really good teaching aids. In the Discount Club offer I found Alpha Lingmind, a very convenient multimedia course. I was surprised by its favorable price and how quickly it helped me learn English. It's really great! "

Ilona 39 years old, Katowice

"At every job interview, they ask me about my knowledge of English. It's standard and I know a little language. However, when the recruiter asks me questions in English, I can't cope with building the right speech. I was looking for a solution that would help me better understand dialogues and understand their structure. I ordered the Alpha Lingmind set and quickly learned English. I did a great job at my next job interview. Now I am in a position that requires cooperation with an English-speaking client. I'm doing very well. "

Adrian 34 years old, Krakow

Where to buy Alpha LingMind English?

The creator of the course decided to introduce this method to the market through the Discount Club.

How to get AlphaLingmind English at the Discount Club? It is enough to buy a membership whose price is very attractive and comparable with similar offers. In addition, we do not have to make a prepayment. The ordered package will be delivered by courier to our door. All we have to do is pick up the package, then use an innovative teaching method and develop our language skills!

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