Ayur Read Pro – improve your eyesight – opinion, price, where to buy?

Over 60% of respondents in highly developed countries – USA, China, Japan, Central European countries have significant vision defects that could be prevented at an early stage. Prevention is therefore becoming an important element in the prevention of vision problems and supports the treatment of those that have already occurred.

The most common of them include: myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism or keratoconus. Older people, however, are increasingly struggling with cataracts and drooping eyelids. Ophthalmologists unanimously state that there is a lack of appropriate prevention. Children, adults or older people try to “get used” to the defect and intervene only as it interferes with everyday life. The result is very expensive operations: laser myopia correction, STD Crosslinking and many others. What if it’s not too late? Take care of your eyes! Ayur Read Pro is a great alternative and exercise for the eye. Only a dozen or so minutes a day strains the eyeball to the maximum process of receiving and processing light.

We are an independent magazine. We make sure that the products we present to you meet the expectations of our readers, so to maintain this independent form of review by making a purchase through our portal you support the editors and you can feel safe with your decision.

Ayur Read Pro- what is it?

These glasses are made of very good material and their quality is very good

Ayurvedic glasses (also called in Poland lensless, multi-aperture, rehabilitation) have a special, original, Ayurvedic design that has been used successfully for thousands of years. The optical method that has been used in them to correct eyesight is simple and obvious also from the point of view of optics.

Ayurvedic glasses do not reduce or enlarge the image seen. However, they correct vision defects and that’s why we perceive the image sharper. This effect is the most important. You should try to remember it during eye exercises. Just after removing the glasses, we can see sharper for a moment longer. We need to lengthen this moment through exercises. Then we will achieve vision improvement – i.e. the purpose of using Ayurvedic glasses

Arduedian method of eye training

Many segments of life confirm the maxim “what is old is the best” or “it is not worth changing the working plan.” We can successfully apply the same principle in the field of prophylaxis.

Health and style

The method of “leaky glasses” was known to ancient Hindus. Each subsequent continuation of their inventions contained increasingly better forms, which were ultimately named Ayur Read Pro . What effects did our ancestors receive? The most important effects included:

  • improving visual acuity
  • better eye hydration that protected from the sun
  • more accurate view from afar
  • squint correction
  • eye condition improvement (previous possibility of longer observations)

Expert opinion on Ayur Read Pro

“Regarding the scoreboard, it’s easy to see the positive effects of Ayur Read Pro. As you can see, the theory is intended to be successful, because even the placebo group was able to achieve positive results when the focus improved. However, this does not change the fact that with the advancement of technology it is worth trusting specialists. The expert in the field of ophthalmology is Ayur Read Pro, which is worth paying attention during the first movements towards optimal vision. “

Dariusz Manecki

Ayur Read Pro reviews

I have been working in the IT industry for over 8 years. 4 years ago I started going to the gym and training because my figure left a lot to be desired. Constant fatigue work + workouts led to the fact that my eyes were still red. In addition, after a while I began to see a lot worse. The phases of chronic fatigue were so annoying that I couldn’t read the text or email on the computer. I decided to do something about it. Of course, during the first visit to the ophthalmologist, I got rid of only PLN 300 without much effect.
I decided to look for a solution on my own. Capsules for tired eyes or drops are just a temporary effect and very weak. Less than a month ago I came across a forum post about Ayur Read Pro glasses. So I began to delve into the topic that after 48 hours, the courier brought me a package. With eyes as with the whole body, they should be exercised at least minimally. All I needed was a minimal regularity in the form of 20 minutes a day looking at a computer or browsing a daily press. The shark’s eyesight and hopeless squinting are gone! “

Maria, 37 years old

“I am a professional truck driver. Since I went on international routes, my eyes began to get tired quickly. A friend told me to use Ayur Read Pro during breaks. First I tried it, and already took my next route. Relief for the eyes and comfort of everyday life was what I needed. “

Łukasz, 49 years old

Ayur Read Pro – where to buy? – Club offer

The interest in the product is very high, hence the question arises, where can you buy Ayur Read Pro glasses? Information on the sale of glasses at a good price appears on many websites. It is worth noting that the purchase should take place at the official distributor. Even if the price is slightly higher, a guarantee of delivery of the appropriate product is obtained.


We are an independent magazine. We make sure that the products we present to you meet the expectations of our readers, so to maintain this independent form of review by making a purchase through our portal you support the editors and you can feel safe with your decision.

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Kate Miller

A certified natural medicine practitioner and a master's degree in biotechnology at the ZTM University in Zurich, Switzerland. I worked at the NYU Langone laboratory in New York. I am happy to share with you my knowledge, enthusiasm and experience regarding holistic health.

8 thoughts on “Ayur Read Pro – improve your eyesight – opinion, price, where to buy?

  • 22 September 2019 at 17:43

    Friends from work for my birthday bought me Ayur glasses and despite my skeptical approach I am impressed by the effects. I work with the computer every day, I often got tired of eyesight and the problem was not very sharp image. After a week of exercise, I can see more clearly 😮 I recommend you try it.

  • 3 December 2019 at 14:03

    The effect is noticeable after about 3 weeks of regular use. Glasses bought in January and I wear them until now. The eye quickly gets used to looking through the holes, and after removing the glasses the image stays sharper.

  • 17 January 2020 at 01:12

    They are fine, there is no madness, but they met my minimum expectations. From me 4/5.

  • 26 February 2020 at 11:25

    Has anyone already tested ???? I am thinking of buying for preventive purposes

  • 27 February 2020 at 16:33

    In my case, the glasses worked great. I use them regularly for over a year and even my ophthalmologist confirms the improvement :))). The product is ideal for preventing the appearance of vision problems!

  • 28 February 2020 at 21:36

    I came here a month ago, I train everyday, they are great! Thank you Kate for this review 🙂

  • 8 March 2020 at 15:48

    My mother is a teacher, her eyesight was strained with everyday work. He's been using them for 4 weeks and is very happy. She had a problem with rapid eye fatigue, there is supposedly a big improvement 🙂 I give 5 stars.

  • 22 March 2020 at 11:25

    I would recommend. I rate 5/5.


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