Promagnetin- reviews, forum, how does it work?

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Promagnetin are magnetic inserts that have sewn magnets with different power. These magnets allow in a way directed to the action of the magnetic field on the user’s body. The inserts are also equipped with protrusions that act as acupressure points. Wearing them almost immediately allows you to feel how the pain accompanying us every day relieves.

Conventional medicine gives us solutions and preparations that help cope with pain and function despite health problems. Sometimes, however, it is enough to stop taking the pills to understand how much power disease has over us. And what if you approach your health holistically and start repairing them from scratch? It’s possible with Promagnetin – a great and simple magnetotherapy tool that helps you get back on your feet and free yourself from existing health problems.

Magnetotherapy uses in its tools the properties of the Earth’s natural magnetic field. Its action is multifaceted, because the variable magnetic field reaches every cell and penetrates through the structures of cell membranes, thus affecting the basic functions of the body.

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Promagnetin – how does it work?

Magnetic insoles for shoes are a type of therapeutic insoles that act on the oppressed active parts of the foot. This method known for centuries was particularly popular in ancient China. People using acupressure treatments believe that by pressing the right points on the body, you can reduce or completely reduce pain in other parts of the body. A special place on the map of the human body is occupied in this respect by feet – because on them are located most of the sensitive points that have connections with other parts of the human body. For the treatment to be effective, the pressure must be strong enough and directed to specific parts of the foot.

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The use of magnetic insoles for shoes allows you to focus on active areas of the foot – thus affecting specific diseases. Insoles are a type of therapeutic massage for our feet that can be used at any time of the day – also at work, sitting at a desk or serving clients. Thanks to the built-in magnets, the insoles stimulate the nerve endings of the underside of the feet, thus ensuring massage and improving blood flow. The top layer of the product is made of breathable material that increases comfort and helps wick moisture away. Thanks to this, magnetic inserts can be worn all day and non-invasively take care of your health.

Promagnetin are the highest-quality magnetic inserts that reduce pain at its source. The product provides good vibration absorption – reducing pain and fatigue in the feet and lower back. Thanks to built-in magnets, it increases contact with the Earth’s natural magnetic field and stimulates the nerve endings of the underside of the feet. Promagnetin therefore provides a natural massage directed to the foot areas that are worth stimulating.

Promagnetin magnetic inserts:

  • massage the feet while walking
  • improve blood circulation throughout the body
  • thanks to flexible spikes stimulate active points of the foot
  • reduce leg pain and the frequency of cramps
  • thanks to the highest quality of materials used, they improve foot ventilation
  • they reduce body weight by accelerating metabolism

Promagnetin magnetic inserts – who are they for?

Promagnetin is a product that perfectly responds to the needs of people who spend most of the day in a sitting position and therefore experience pain in the lower back. Thanks to the use of innovative technology, Promagnetin stimulates the active parts of the sole of the foot, acting as a soothing massage. Feet become more rested and pain is significantly reduced.

The special version of the Promagnetin insoles is designed for people struggling with slow metabolism that makes it difficult to maintain a healthy weight. This revolutionary product thanks to the intense stimulation of the relevant parts of the foot accelerates the metabolism process, thereby contributing to weight loss and maintaining a healthy, slim figure.

Promagnetin – three stages of action

Promagnetin works in three active phases. Each of them is important for the elimination of pain and the activation of the body’s self-healing properties.

  • Phase I – during which the magnetic field penetrates into the aching tissues and stops the pain impulses in the cells. Over time, the cells of the whole body are increasingly oxygenated and purified of toxins – which contributes to the overall improvement in the functioning of the whole body.

In the first phase of Promagnetin magnetic inserts, a marked reduction in pain in the feet can be observed – it is accompanied by a feeling of lightness and refreshment.

  • Phase II – during the Earth’s magnetic forces support the natural process of healing inflammation and eliminating the accompanying ailments – such as skin problems, hypertension, migraine headaches, cold feet and hands, digestive system malfunction and respiratory problems. In the second phase of the magnetic inserts, the endocrine system is particularly supported, which helps in reducing stress and migraine pains, and also helps restore proper metabolism. Back, shoulder and knee pain disappear.
  • Phase III – in which the body begins to show self-healing abilities – which is especially important for rheumatoid and arthritic problems. The effects of the insert accumulate at the cellular level, restoring the body’s efficiency and dynamics.

Going through all these phases restores the stability and fitness of the body. It allows you to permanently forget about pain and restores the comfort of motion dynamics for a long time.

What do specialists say about Promagnetin?

Knee Active Plus doctor

Promagnetin is a revolutionary product that works based on therapeutic magnetic waves. Thanks to this innovative solution, the insole is extremely effective at improving the condition of our joints and allows you to return to an active life. All thanks to the polarizers built into the insert, which emit a magnetic field of 250 gauss. The use of magnetic waves allows you to quickly eliminate inflammation, pain of various origins, swelling. The advantage of using this method is the fact that magnetic waves reach every cell and have healing effects. Thanks to this, the body is stimulated to regenerate faster, inflammation decreases faster, pain disappears and muscles work more efficiently.

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Promagnetin- reviews

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People who have tried out magnetic Promagnetin inserts in their opinions pay attention to the surprising speed of their action, combined with extraordinary efficiency. The health properties of Promagnetin are especially praised by users who use the insoles in the workplace. Promagnetin insoles – although they seem hard at first – stimulate the nerve endings in the feet, thus preventing the formation of corns and burns. It is an excellent product for people who have a standing job – they counteract foot fatigue and chafing. Promagnetin also supports people with sedentary work, as it helps to reduce back and shoulder pain.

Promagnetin- where to buy?

The interest in the product is very high, hence the question arises, where can I buy the Promagnetin cartridge? Promagnetin sales at a good price appear on many websites. It is worth noting that the purchase should take place at the official distributor. Even if the price is slightly higher, a guarantee of delivery of the appropriate product is obtained.


We are an independent magazine. We make sure that the products we present to you meet the expectations of our readers, so to maintain this independent form of review by making a purchase through our portal you support the editors and you can feel safe with your decision.

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    I assume for work and when I'm at home. Not noticeable in everyday life 🙂

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    Thanks to the insert, after a week I gave up painkillers. I recommend this product to everyone!

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    I wear from 3 days to 4 hours a day. the footprints began to fade, and the pain relief felt after the first day.


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