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Prolesan Pure are diet pills available in Poland. The preparation is recommended in the case of obesity and overweight, irregular bowel function and the yo-yo effect.

Among overweight people who care about fast and safe weight reduction, the dietary supplement Prolesan Pure is becoming more and more popular. The following article is addressed to people seeking reliable opinions of specialists and users. We also present the composition of the product and describe how it works. Without coloration, we switch the effects of using Prolesan Pure capsules for slimming.

We are an independent magazine. We make sure that the products we present to you meet the expectations of our readers, so to maintain this independent form of review by making a purchase through our portal you support the editors and you can feel safe with your decision.

Prolesan Pure – what is it?

A modern formula that contributes to fast and, above all, effective weight loss in 2 phases . For this natural composition and full safety of use . According to assurances, with regular use, you can lose weight by up to 26 kg and in just 2 months .

How is this supposed to work? The main barrier to weight loss is toxin pollution . This is logical, because today we eat really unhealthy. Processed food, lots of chemicals and polluted air. If there are many toxins in the body, the functioning of the digestive system and the entire metabolism process is disturbed.

Therefore, the use of the Prolesan Pure supplement is to effectively cleanse the body of toxins in the first stage . This process is carried out through natural ingredients, which should guarantee the highest level of safety. The second stage is just losing weight . Ingredients accelerate metabolism . In addition, according to assurances, they are also supposed to break down fat cells , accelerating the entire process of getting rid of excess kilos. It is worth mentioning that the manufacturer guarantees such effects even when weight is not given to diet or physical activity.

How do Prolesan Pure tablets work?

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The unique composition of the tablets is directed at the production of the AC enzyme (adenyl cyclase), associated with cell membranes. This enzyme primarily stimulates others that are responsible for the increase in muscle mass and also initiate the process of fat burning. This enzyme converts adenosine triphosphoric acid (ATP) into cAMP, which acts as a regulator responsible for the breakdown of fats in cells. The cAMP compound also accelerates the transport of fats to the muscles, where they are burned as energy. Thus, Prolesan Pure tablets increase cAMP production which leads to protein synthesis and ultimately to an increase in muscle mass. Prolesan Pure is also responsible for the release of fatty acids from cells, which facilitates their use by the body for energy production. In this way, the amount of fat is reduced.

Three-stage operation of Prolesan Pure

Innovative slimming products focus on full-fledged preparation of the body for fat reduction. For people struggling with obesity for more than 2 years, the process can be extremely difficult by choosing the wrong forms of weight loss. Prolesan Pure is focused on the destruction of long-lasting fat in the body. The process of reaching and removing it from the body has been divided into three stages:

    begins a few hours after taking the first dose / capsule of the supplement. It involves gentle preparation of the body for the slimming process. At this stage, toxins and all harmful substances are excreted through all possible routes.
  2. Action phase: FAT REDUCTION
    During the systematic use of Prolesan Pure for the first days, this phase occurs from about the 4th day. You should already notice the minimal weight loss. The next weight loss and body improvement should be visible from day to day
  3. Stability phase: ORGANISM ADAPTATION
    This is the so-called phase getting the body used to lost kilos. It occurs after about 30-40 days of taking the supplement. This is an important element of long-term weight loss.

Prolesan Pure – composition


The Prolesan Pure formula was created as a result of many years of research on the problem of overweight and based on the different opinions of people who struggled with it. Care was taken to use selected active ingredients, namely:

Garcinia Cambogia – is a plant from Southeast Asia. For hundreds of years, it has been used by locals as a spice, and in natural medicine as an important ingredient in many medicines. The fruits of this plant are important in the fight against overweight, because they contain significant amounts of hydroxyacetic acid (HCA), which affects fat metabolism. In addition, it reduces bad cholesterol.

Green coffee extract – with antioxidant properties, its addition to the preparation causes a slower deposition of sugar in the body, which means that the body does not burn sugar but accumulated fat, which improves metabolism.

Chlorogenic acid (CGA 50%) – is a compound that occurs in coffee and plums. In the body, it limits the penetration of simple sugars into the cells, which allows you to reduce body fat by 4.5%. The systematic use of chlorogenic acid reduces the risk of diabetes.

Raspberry extract – is responsible for regulating the level of polypeptide hormone – adiponectin, which is produced and secreted directly into the blood by mature fat cells. Low levels of apidodectin promote the development of type 2 diabetes.

Indian nettle extract – promotes the increase in the production of CA or adenyl cyclase, which is an enzyme closely associated with cell membranes. The enzyme primarily stimulates the enzymes that are responsible for the growth of muscle tissue. In addition, they initiate processes that help reduce body fat.

The main precursor of research on Prolesan Pure:

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“I would like to reach the moment when Prolesan Pure competes on the world market not only with dietary supplements strictly for slimming. Prolesan Pure is a cross-sectional health formula . In addition to dropping unnecessary ballast in the form of fat accumulated around the thighs and lower abdomen, the capsules noticeably regulate blood pressure and lower LDL (bad cholesterol) levels, and have shown a positive effect in the case of diabetes or Alzheimer’s disease. By providing opinions on the research on the test group, I was proud of the production of such a high quality product by my colleagues in the industry. ”

prof Michael Agdartas

FAQ – Prolesan Pure

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What is the safe dose for using Prolesan Pure capsules?
In the case of a product based only on a natural composition, the information on the outer packaging should be followed. The condensed form of active ingredients in one capsule is ideal for women over 18 years of age. For overweight men, the dose may be increased to three capsules daily with a minimum of 4 hours interval. It should be remembered that taking a much larger dose will not accelerate the effect of slimming!

How many days does the full course of Prolesan Pure last and when will I see the first effects?
According to clinical comparisons, the optimal treatment with Prolesan Pure (to prevent the yo-yo effect) lasts 30 days. To maintain and get used to the weight lost, it is recommended to use the product for 60 days. It should be remembered that the possible increase in dose becomes the most effective during the first treatment with Prolesan Pure capsules.

I often have stomach problems, will the supplement be indicated?
Prolesan Pure owes its success and effectiveness to its natural composition. The capsule undergoes full metabolism during the digestive process. During a number of studies conducted on the supplement, there were no side effects resulting from food problems. However, the doctor will provide the most reliable information after performing basic tests and analyzing the product’s composition.

Is Prolesan Pure a prescription product / drug?
No, Prolesan Pure is a high-quality dietary supplement. It is available without presenting a prescription.

Prolesan Pure- where to buy?

The interest in the product is very high, hence the question arises, where can you buy Prolesan Pure tablets? Importantly, the product is not available in stationary stores or online auctions. In the pharmacy you will not find exactly this product either. Various websites offer gels that are fakes of Prolesan and can cause side effects – we should beware of such places.


We are an independent magazine. We make sure that the products we present to you meet the expectations of our readers, so to maintain this independent form of review by making a purchase through our portal you support the editors and you can feel safe with your decision.

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  • 30 January 2019 at 23:34

    I only have 3 kg of packaging. I'm average satisfied. I thought I would lose 5 kg though …

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    5 kg in 3 weeks. I would recommend !!!

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    first week of use and 1.5 kg less weight 😮 I heartily recommend

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    Hello, I would like to share my experiences with Prolesan. After pregnancy and the birth of my wonderful daughter, I gained over 20 kg. I only fed 2 months and decided that I had to get back to myself. I ordered Prolesan Pure and went to the gym. After 6 months I lost 22 kg and I am proud of myself! I would recommend!

  • 8 April 2020 at 12:32

    Hello, did any of you have any side effects after using prolesan pure? Any rash or sleeping problems? I have a light sleep and I would not sleep after it. I'm thinking about buying


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