Vanefist Neo reviews, forum, how does it work?

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Pills for slimming can be a supplement to a slimming diet and regular physical activity – then they give the best effect. However, be careful when choosing supplements – not all deserve to be trusted. Vanefist Neo is one of the few preparations that actually work.

Even if you follow a slimming diet and regular physical activity, you can not achieve the desired effects. The rate of fat reduction depends on many factors. It depends on the individual predispositions of the body.

For example, it is difficult to lose weight for those who have a genetic predisposition to being overweight. Special weight loss products like Vanefist Neo can help .

We are an independent magazine. We make sure that the products we present to you meet the expectations of our readers, so to maintain this independent form of review by making a purchase through our portal you support the editors and you can feel safe with your decision.

Vanefist Neo- what is it?

Vanefist Neo

Effervescent tablets Vanefist Neo is a product for slimming with strong properties. They allow you to lose 14 kg in just 28 days, and in addition reduce cholesterol and blood sugar, thereby reducing the risk of atherosclerosis and diabetes.

Thanks to natural active ingredients that have a beneficial effect on a number of processes in the body, they protect against stroke, heart attack and joint degeneration. In addition, they add energy and prevent the yo-yo effect . It doesn’t matter what the cause of your overweight problem. Treatment with these tablets will help even in the most severe cases such as genetic predisposition, taking medications or a bad diet.

Three-step operation of Vanefist Neo

Innovative slimming products focus on full-fledged preparation of the body for fat reduction. For people struggling with obesity for more than 2 years, the process can be extremely difficult by choosing the wrong forms of weight loss. Vanefist Neo is focused on the destruction of long-lasting fat in the body. The process of reaching and removing it from the body has been divided into three stages:

begins a few hours after taking the first dose / capsule of the supplement. It involves gentle preparation of the body for the slimming process. At this stage, toxins and all harmful substances are excreted through all possible routes.

2 Action phase: FAT REDUCTION
When systematic use of Vanefist Neo for the first days, this phase occurs from about the 4th day. You should already notice the minimal weight loss. The next weight loss and body improvement should be visible from day to day

This is the so-called phase getting the body used to lost kilos. It occurs after about 30-40 days of taking the supplement. This is an important element of long-term weight loss.

Vanefist Neo composition


The Vanefist Neo formula was created as a result of many years of research into the problem of overweight and based on various opinions of people who struggled with it. Care was taken to use selected active ingredients, namely:

Yerba Mate

Thanks to its natural properties, it is gaining more and more popularity among fans of healthy lifestyles around the world. It is a great substitute for black coffee, because it naturally gives energy

Green coffee

These are coffee beans that are popular all over the world and have not been roasted. They are a natural source of chlorogenic acid.

Bacopa monnieri

Due to its properties, bakopa has been used in natural herbal medicine for centuries.

Garcinia cambogia

An exotic plant of the citrus species. Originally from Indonesia, it is also cultivated in Southeast Asia and Central Africa. Its fruit looks like small, orange pumpkins. They are collected between June and October when they are fully ripe. They are a rich source of hydroxycitric acid.

Additional supportive ingredients

Niacin, Vitamin E, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B6, Thiamine, Folic Acid, Biotin, Chromium

The main precursor of research on Vanefist Neo:

prof Prolesan Pure

“I would like to reach this point when Vanefist Neo competes on the world market not only with dietary supplements strictly for slimming. Vanefist Neo is a cross-sectional health formula . In addition to dropping unnecessary ballast in the form of fat accumulated around the thighs and lower abdomen, the capsules noticeably regulate blood pressure, lowering LDL (bad cholesterol) levels, and have shown a positive effect in the case of diabetes or Alzheimer’s disease. By providing opinions on the research on the test group, I was proud of the production of such a high quality product by my colleagues in the industry. ”

prof Michael Agdartas

Vanefist Neo- where to buy?

Interest in the product is very high, hence the question arises, where can you buy effervescent tablets Vanefist Neo? Importantly, the product is not available in stationary stores or online auctions. In the pharmacy you will not find exactly this product either. Various websites offer gels that are counterfeits of Vanefist and can cause side effects – we should beware of such places.

Remember to buy the product from a trusted source – straight from the manufacturer!


We are an independent magazine. We make sure that the products we present to you meet the expectations of our readers, so to maintain this independent form of review by making a purchase through our portal you support the editors and you can feel safe with your decision.

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4 thoughts on “Vanefist Neo reviews, forum, how does it work?

  • 8 April 2020 at 15:05

    Great product. In 2 weeks noticeable weight loss – 3 kg less 🙂

  • 8 April 2020 at 15:06

    Hmm, a month and 5 kg. I run 15 minutes on the treadmill everyday

  • 8 April 2020 at 15:07

    I have been using it for the third month and have lost over 15 kilos! I recommend 12/10 😀

  • 8 April 2020 at 15:07

    I use after pregnancy and very fast effects. Pregnancy tummy is disappearing!


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